Dip, Dip, Crunch!

Having trouble introducing fruit to your toddler?? Here are the tips that helped me with Liliana!


“Your idea has an extra 21st chromosome”

I believe at a certain point in our lifetime, we have all used the R-word. We are all guilty here... And yes, being part of the lucky few certainly changes things. We took this word out of our vocabulary when we confirmed Liliana’s diagnosis. We encourage other people to stop using the R-word, but to… Continue reading “Your idea has an extra 21st chromosome”


What about support groups?

People react differently when they are faced with new challenges. Some embrace the challenge and want to get as much information as possible to be prepared and others grieve for a longer period of time until they accept it. Unfortunately, some even ignore the situation completely. Whenever you feel ready to talk and meet other… Continue reading What about support groups?